Digital Creativity with iPad #CorpusCreates

After many months of preparation, our all-new Digital Creativity course begins for our Year 7 and 8 students. The course is based on Apple’s Everyone Can Create curriculum and is designed to provide students with core skills in photography, video, audio and drawing. We feel that these skills provide a vital platform to kick-start students’ creativity so that they can demonstrate learning in new and innovative ways - whether that be creating learning visuals in Keynote for Science or recording slo-mo videos for formative assessment in P.E.

In recent weeks, we have run a social media campaign on Twitter to showcase the way our teachers and students utilise technology. Teaching staff from our Digital Creativity Team have shared inspiring ideas using the hashtag #CorpusCreates to highlight how iPad is transforming our practice. Take a look at the collection of ‘What If’ videos below:

The Digital Creativity curriculum will be assessment free but will require students to submit key projects which demonstrate an accumulation of skills. For example, a final project may require students to create a video in Clips but include evidence of multiple skills such as applying filters to enhance mood, vertical/horizontal panoramas, adjusted focus and exposure (to capture the atmosphere of a setting). Teaching students these core skills will ultimately lead them to experiment, tweak and improve their digital work and will encourage them to take ownership of their own learning. Students will begin to tell richer stories and find their unique voice.

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 8.51.05 pm.png

Stay tuned for more on our Digital Creativity course. I’ll be posting some student work, class photographs and updates on the impact creativity with iPad is having on learning.