Digital Creativity for ALL Learners

Our new Digital Creativity course for Year 7 and 8 has made a massive impact on our students with disabilities at Corpus Christi College. The course is based on Apple’s Everyone Can Create curriculum and is designed to provide students with core digital skills in photography, video, audio and drawing. 


Every week, students participate in two Digital Creativity lessons to help consolidate their learning. Students have loved showing off their newfound creative talents by teaching staff and older students with disabilities how to execute the perfect photo, draw a realistic self-portrait and map-out a detailed sketch-note of their favourite holiday destination. 

“As Digital Creativity has given the students the opportunity to showcase their learning in different formats, we have seen their confidence and self-esteem sky-rocket. Students are able to engage and communicate in different ways which simply weren’t possible before.”-  Frances Whiting (Educational Support Teacher)

As well as developing their fine-motor skills, creativity with iPad has also empowered the students in showing their understanding of a topic. For example, in Science they use Mark-up to annotate and draw on a photo to show how electricity works. In Life Skills class, they draw on photos in Keynote and insert audio to explain how to tell the time.

If you’d like to see more Digital Creativity, check out the hashtag, #CorpusCreates on Twitter for snap-shots of the course in action. You can download Apple’s Everyone Can Create project guides free from Apple Books.

 Until next time.