Teaching with Keynote: #2 Document a Process

What is it?

Students can use Keynote to document and explain steps or processes. By using a combination of photos, video and text, they can create glossy slideshows - or even export their slides as movies - that help them demonstrate and articulate understanding. For example, students could show the process of photosynthesis, the process of building a bed-side table or the process of throwing a cricket ball.

Press play and watch the example below from a Year 12 Woodwork lesson at Corpus Christi College.

Why is it effective?

By capturing each part of a process, students can deconstruct a concept and see how it is made up. Adding audio narration and text to each slide also helps consolidate students’ understanding of each stage. Full screen images work best along with minimal text so that students express their understanding in a concise and effective way. Exporting the slideshow as a movie is also a great way of saving and/or submitting their presentation! Have a go with your class!

How can I do it with my class? 

Watch my step-by-step tutorial on the ‘Document a Process’ strategy below.

I hope this strategy works for you and your students.