Teaching with Keynote: #3 Scaffold Screen-recorded Tutorials

What is it?

Students can combine Keynote slides and screen recordings to create tutorial videos. To do this, provide a simple structure for students to follow by making a clear scaffold in Keynote. Screen-recordings are a simple and effective way for teachers to see and hear what students know about a topic. Provide blank slides for students to drop in their recordings. Check out the example below!

Press play on the video below to watch the student example from Year 9 Mathematics!

Why is it effective?

Screen-recordings are particularly powerful as they capture a student’s thought process. What’s more, students are forced to plan and narrow-down their ideas into concise and meaningful explanations. Once again, this creative Keynote strategy provides an effective structure for students to follow and allows them to demonstrate learning orally, through written annotations and effective visuals. 

ipad image.png

How can I do it with my class?

Watch my step-by-step tutorial on how to insert screen-recordings and create effective scaffolds in Keynote. For more on Keynote and its wonderful capabilities in the classroom, check out my ‘Teaching with Keynote’ playlist.